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Hello!  Welcome to Songburd Music!

I started Songburd Music with the goal to help colleagues and friends and new composers professionally develop their works from the beginning of the editorial process to the final printing. 


I first began self-publishing my own projects in 2018 to produce a series of instructional brass method books for elementary age students as part of a doctoral final project.  I went the self-publishing route because like many musicians I found that the terms of major publishers didn’t really fit my future goals and plans.  I wanted the flexibility and freedom to build the curriculum as I wanted, without the concerns of losing control over the project.


So, I started my own self-publishing company to produce my own works. 


After speaking with friends and colleagues who wanted to publish their own music, and realizing there where many first-time composers and arrangers who would like to publish their own works, I decided to take my experiences from self-publishing and use them to start an independent music publishing company that handles the rights of the composer a little differently.

Thus, Songburd Music was born!


The mission of Songburd Music allows first-time arrangers and composers to keep the copyright ownership of their music while having access to professional publishing services to print and distribute their music.


Simply, I will help you publish your arrangements and compositions and allow you to keep the copyright.


I view publishing more as a partnership, and a relationship we can build together, and so I will try to make sure everyone’s work is in quality shape before it hits the printer and goes out into the world.  I was fortunate to have a great editing team for my self-published works, and I want to make sure anyone who would publish through Songburd Music has access to that same type of editing process.  That way you can feel confident in the product you’re sharing with the world.




Sean Burdette

Owner and Founder 

Songburd Music